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Commercial Syracuse Snow & Ice Management Services in Onondaga County New York

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Syracuse Commercial Snow Plowing & De-Icing

Reduce property hazards and minimize downtime with commercial snow plowing, snow removal, and ice management from Zugzwang Property Maintenance.

Serving Syracuse and Onondaga County, New York, our snow removal and de-icing solutions ensure that your employees, tenants, and customers have safe, uninterrupted access to your facilities while at the same time reducing your liability for slip and fall accidents throughout the harsh Upstate New York winter season.

Our snow plowing and removal services include all types of commercial properties, including apartment complexes and homeowner’s associations throughout the Syracuse and Central New York region.


SNOW PLOWING & REMOVAL: When the next big lake-effect storm hits Syracuse and Central New York, don’t let it affect your business. Our professional crews will on hand to keep your parking lots and pedestrian areas clear and open, including sidewalks and walkways.

DEICING TREATMENT: Freezing temperatures can quickly cause dangerous conditions both in terms of vehicle traffic and pedestrian slip and fall accidents. Accidents and injuries can cause havoc in terms of liability and reputation.

We can provide rock salt and de-icing chemical application to keep your parking lot and walkways clear and as safe as possible.

A quick change in wind direction and that lake effect snow to the north can sweep down into our area with little notice.


Zugzwang Property services will work with you to find a plan and pricing structure that works best for you and your business, ensuring that you don’t pay for services you don’t need. Our most common snow plowing contracts include:

ALL-INCLUSIVE SEASONAL PRICING: A flat rate “all-inclusive” monthly rate that includes all work done through the winter plowing season. Easily predict your expenses and budget.

PER EVENT BILLING: Pay “per event” based on snow accumulation after each storm. Each time it snows, clear snow from your site and optionally apply salt or other de-icing chemicals and bill you accordingly.

Rest easy knowing that our snow removal crews are on the job when you need us most.

Syracuse Commercial Snow Plowing and Ice Management

A cleared parking lot means “open for business” and gives your customers and employees a place to park and reduces the potential for lost sales.

Maintaining pedestrian walkways is not only good for business, it also reduces your liability due to slip and fall claims.

Applying de-icing materials aids in the speed of the snow melting process, along with preventing slip and fall injuries and reducing your liability.